A little about us

Visoclock Software Limited is a Canadian technology company established in May 2019 and
based in Calgary, Alberta.
The company was founded by Neji Tawo after years of research into using biometrics and artificial intelligence as a tool for human resource management as well as time and attendance authentication.

Visoclock Software currently develops identity authentication and verification solutions that are tailored to meeting the rising threats of cyber attacks often initiated via social engineering techniques which are extremely difficult to spot using conventional cyber security products.

Our Vision

To become the global leader in the provision of secure identity solutions that power the entreprise

Our Mission

To provide the world's most effective solutions for identity and access management by utilizing cutting edge technology.

Our team

The Visoclock Softare team comprises of individuals with a diverse background spanning decades of experience in software, banking, finance, telecommunications and cyber security.

Neji Tawo


Neji is a software engineer with over 20 years' experience working in various fields of technology including banking, consulting and human resources. He has led several teams and developed many projects in the mobile, biometric and artificial intelligence space.

Toju Smith


Toju has over 10 years' experience working in several fields of technology spanning communication, project management, construction and IT Service Management. Toju possesses lots of operational and functional experience within technology.

Ene Tawo

Business Development

Ene has worked in oil and gas as well as the health care sector for more than a decade. He comes with a vast wealth of experience in business, sales and marketing. Ene has a wide depth of  understanding technology within the workforce.

Akolisa Ufodike


Akolisa Ufodike (prof.) is a financial and fraud audit expert and has worked extensively within the telecommunications, banking and oil and gas industries for more than two decades. He brings on board a tremendous wealth of experience in the financial and technology sector.

Bello Shaaba

Cloud & Security

Bello has worked as a cloud and network security professional for over a decade. He possesses excellent technical skills and has been involved with managing security at some of North America's top companies. He brings on board his vast wealth of experience in cloud technologies and cybersecurity.

Katrina Hinchley


Katrina has worked as an administrator and team leader for more than a decade. She possesses fine administrative skills as well as a passion for organizing people. She brings along a wealth of experience in administrative duties as well as product marketing.

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